Spring Summer Collection 2006

"Captured by the Cinema"

TimBee Lo was been invited to join the fashion show called "Black Humour" by Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) at 19th April 2006.

TIMBEE LO 應邀參與了 香港貿易發展局 於2006年4月19日 的 "黑色幽默" 時裝表演項目。

"A Shot in the Dark - Black Humour"  of "Captured by the cinema"
Promotional Poster (suit jacket by timbee lo)

As a designer label, outstanding and exaggerated stage effects are being the style of design. This style is suitable for artists in different kinds of stage performances and really looking forward to having some novel co-operation in the coming future.

設計家品牌TIMBEE LO,時裝表演中必以大膽前衛及富舞台感為重點。
HAUTE COUTURE高級訂製服裝的建立,是期望與演藝人及歌手或其他不同界別的顧客有合作的機會,為表演者設計玩味重或誇張而震撼的舞台服飾。

Captured by the cinema display by Otto Tang Souvenir by TimBee Lo
Timbee Lo Spring Summer 2006 collection "Corpse Bride"

“Silent Rock’N Roll” is the theme of the spring/summer men’s wear collection 2006, which means “impossible”.

For the firstly launched ladies wear collection, the inspiration came from Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, matching the theme – “BLACK HUMOUR” of the “Captured by the Cinema” from TDC fashion show program. From this inspiration, new design concept are applied into the garments, including hand printed paper corset, beading face pattern vest, baggy feather umbrella skirt and wild & stunning necklace. All these elements create a ladies wear collection with dramatic stage effects and a mood of horror.

Hopefully, this collection can provide a chance for artists to have a better understanding towards “TIMBEELO” and so, some innovative co-operations could be a breakthrough in the future.

今季男裝春夏系列以Silent Rock’N Roll為主題, 寓意 不可能的

而首次推出女裝便服系列,為了配合貿發局這次的時裝表演以電影元素黑色幽默為題 材,所以設計師TIMBEE LO取材於於卡通電影 怪誕屍新娘 為靈感來源,於服裝製作上重新打造出新的不可能概念,如紙質製造的貼身手繪花紋胸衣、鮮艷的 卡通人面釘珠圖案背心、巨大的羽毛傘裙、誇張巨型的頸飾等等,展現了一系列極富舞台效果及詭異氣氛的女裝系列。

是次表演的設計,期望吸引更多演藝人/歌手 對設計家 TIMBEE LO的舞台服飾設計有更深刻的印象及了解,以及將來與我們合作,設計及創造更多表演服裝的視覺震撼。





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