Spring Summer Collection 2006

Hong Kong World Boutique 2006

TimBee Lo was been invited to join the fashion show called "It's Play Time" at World Boutique Hong Kong by Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) at 5th & 17th January 2006.

TIMBEE LO 應邀參與了於2006年1月5號及17號 的香港時裝節 暨 香港國際時尚匯萃 之"IT'S PLAY TIME" 時裝表演項目。

World Boutique Hong Kong Fashion Week World Boutique


World Boutique show floor World Boutique Display TimBee Lo for "It's Play Time" Promotional
TimBee Lo TimBee Lo display outfit Other designer display outfits

This season TimBee Lo designed a theme call "Silent Rock'N Roll" the concept is based on the idea of "impossible"

Timbee Lo Spring Summer 2006 collection "Silent Rock'N Roll"

HKTDC organized a fashion show at Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence called It's play time" The major color tone is golden with the style of crazy and wild.

於2006年1月5號假 "香港海防博物館"舉行的時裝表演中,以金色為主色,瘋狂的設計及野性的造型配合大會主題"IT'S PLAY TIME"。

"It's Play Time" show at 5th January 2006 Golden Satin Jacket Cotton V-neck Tee

The menswear haute couture collection "Silent Rock'N Roll", features impossible concept through out the whole collection which is inspired by the chic style of Rock'n Roll star. Assymmetric tees, jacket where the lining is fashioned into a front panel, and "Drum" inspired copper-sequined tailored jackets and vest.

For enquiries or order it, please email to us: webmaster@timbeelo.com

高級訂造男裝系列之主題 "沉默的搖滾樂",以搖滾樂明星閃亮造型配合"不可能的概念"設計細節貫穿整個系列。不對稱的襯衣、反內裡做面的設計及以鼓為靈感的銅片西裝外套及背心。

如欲詢問或訂購, 請以電郵聯絡我們: webmaster@timbeelo.com。


copper-sequined tailored jacket copper-sequined vest Assymmetric tee
Assymmetric tee Badge Pants Shirt with beading back panel
Beading Tuxedo Taped Vest Silent Rock'N Roll
Beading Tuxedo copper-sequined tailored jacket Red Shorts with Nylon-net Pants

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