Fashion Designs 時裝設計
Sportswear 2002
 Theme 主題:Time Slipping 時間流動

The inspiration came from "Time Slipping".

I have adopted various objects to represent my concept. I chose the basketball court and basket to demonstrate the style of my sportswear as well as my theme. Funnel was used to resemble the basketball court and gear the basket. The combination of funnel and gear could symbolize "time slipping" and such patterns will be printed on the garment, helping enchance the overall outlook.


我選取了很多不同的元素,來象徵本主題中的概念。我選擇了籃球場及籃球籃,用以展示主題服裝 :籃球服。「漏斗形狀」相對於「籃球場」,意指於籃球場中,需要分秘必爭; 「齒輪形狀」相對於「籃球網」,表示了球賽勝利需要互相合作。組合後的圖像概念,會成為籃球服之設計重點。